Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Course

Zion Climbing: Now it is time to pull it all together! After learning the basics, the next step is multi-pitch climbing. The key to successfully climbing long routes is efficiency. This course will focus on deliberate movement in the vertical realm, managing the belay, rope management, and route finding, all while experiencing the thrill of exposure. We will spend the first day practicing our skills on short multi-pitch routes in preparation for a long route on day two.

Prerequisite: Intro To Rock Climbing Course or equivalent

Course Events

These two days of instruction will be spent learning our curriculum and spending time in the vertical world practicing your new skills.

    Multi Pitch Rock

    • Allowed Time: 2 days

    Pricing (Per Person)

    • 1 $555
    • 2 or more $335
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    Gear Requirements

    Technical Gear required for the trip will be provided

    Personal Gear required for the trip will be provided

    • Footwear (running shoes are sufficient). We supply footwear if there is a chance of getting wet.
    • Hiking Clothing (nylon shorts, pants, shirts) they dry fast and do not wick warmth away from the body like cotton.
    • Food And Water (snack foods & at least 100oz of H20 per person)
    • Sunscreen
    • Sun Hat

    What to Expect in the Morning
    • Please park your vehicle behind our shop.
    • Bring all of the above personal items into the shop with you. Do not worry about packing them in your own pack.
    • Your guide will explain outfitting and how to pack your gear.

    Where & When to Meet

    ZRMG: 1458 Zion Park Blvd Springdale, UT 84767 (we are between the Best Western and the Chevron Station) Time: 7:00 am (Mountain Time-We cannot stress this enough!)

    • When we can we provide transportation to and from the activities loctions.
    • We reserve the right to occasinally have clients drive themselves and occasionally the guide to and from the location.
    • We appreciate your understanding-as it would break us to provide transportation for every trip.

    Required Forms

    For your convenience, the required course forms are available for download in PDF format. These forms can be saved to your desktop and filled out on your computer. Print them out, sign them and mail or fax (435-772-3133) to us.

    ZRMG Registration Form
    ZRMG Medical Release Form
    ZRMG Liability Release Form